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Lebanon Vacation Packages
Do you know that Lebanon still the most expensive hotels worldwide! Yes the most expensive ever..
The pearl of Middle East, no matter what happen in Lebanon,
the Lebanese beauty have no similar worldwide: (mountains & sea, nature & beauty, and Lebanese quality of hospitality..)
From: Lebanon Arez, Faraya, Sanin..etc.
It's a high time right now to book for next summer 2019, where you can get cheapest pris ever. 




Travel to Beirut for a low price by MEA Middle East airlines oneway from 1500 Swedish kr:- and return ticket from 2700kr 
Speciel offer to Beirut in summer 2019
Book your summer tripp to Beirut before the new year the price begining from: 2800kr for a return ticket inkl taxes and the airpot fees




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